Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A doll called Poppy

Meet the new member of Flopsy Bunny's doll family - she's not finished yet as the eagle eyed amongst you will notice! But I wanted to show her to you all the same. Father Christmas will be popping this one into Flopsy Bunny's stocking on Christmas Eve.

When I saw Cupcakes for Clara's doll I thought what a fantastic doll. I had been looking for a doll that Flopsy Bunny could dress for ages. I had been disappointed in all the plastic dolls available as they are difficult to dress as the arms don't move very easily and the rag dolls available didn't really have the right feel to them either. But I loved this one, so I hopped down under to Hop Skip Jump and bought a Poppy Doll pattern. It's a great pattern, really easy to follow and makes up great. Included are patterns for a pair of trousers and two tops. I'm now frantically sewing when Flopsy Bunny is not around so she will have lots of little outfits to dress her dolly in.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Nellie the elephant

Here's my latest creation - I'm not sure if it is a Nellie but I'm sure s/he will have a name soon - something typically 70's to go with the retro look! The pattern was one of my mum's - free from a copy of Woman and Home from the 1970's. Sadly the instructions have long been lost but it wasn't too tricky to work out how to make him up. I just loved the fabric when I saw it and thought it would be great for an elephant. The flowery one is by Moda - American Jane - Peas and Carrots "Daisy in Red" and the other fabric is "Pez in Red" from the same collection. The fabric has been discontinued but I managed to get hold of some on Etsy - wonderful place . . . The thing I love most about this elephant is that it is rather coy - looking down, hiding behind his ear's rather like his owner Little Roo, who is also a bit coy - and gorgeous too!

I'm busy, busy, busy making things so hopefully I will have more to show you soon. The mauve wool is growing nicely, despite Flopsy Bunny's best intentions - she has a fascination with my knitting which normally involves pulling the needles out and undoing a few rows - needless to say I'm not taking this very well . . . I'm also just about to cut out some material to make a rag doll - I'm very excited about this. Hope you are making some exciting projects too!