Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Garden Round Up

Well, I thought it only fair to give you a quick catch up on all things gardeny.
The allotment has been coming along beautifully, entirely due to the friends we are sharing it with.  S is the driving force behind it's appearence, I would be just happy to grow a few things to eat but I'm always happy to be associated with something gorgeous!!
Meanwhile, back in our greenhouse, DH has fashioned a couple of raised beds for our tomato plants out of an old bed of ours - I love the upcycling/recycling aspect to it.  Our tomato plants are now completely out of control and have taken over the greenhouse.  We will have a bumper crop this year if only they will ripen, otherwise there's going to be a lot of green tomato chutney - watch out family and friends . . .!
My little helper who has been doing a lot of watering this year.  It's been a funny year in the garden.  We have been inundated with slugs at home so very little outside has survived.  We've had better luck at the allotment but I think we are just getting used to the whole idea of growing  veg and a lot of the plants were put into the ground quite late in the season so we haven't had as good a crop as we could have.  But the whole community spirit of the allotment is just wonderful.  I spoke to one chap - who has offered to lend anyone who needs it his wheelbarrow - about general vegtable growing and he takes a very scientific view of working out exactly how many plants he needs in a growing season - how many parsnip plants he needs if he is going to have 2 parsnips a week for 6 months!  I have a feeling I need to learn a bit more about this and think more about quantity and timing.  We've been having some lovely things to eat - but certainly haven't produced enough to feed two families!!

My first year of growing sugarsnap peas - very exciting this is too!

Ah, and finally some courgettes - now where did I put those courgette receipes . . .

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A quick catch up

It feels like I've not been here for ages and looking at the date of the last post - it's true!!  So I thought a little catch up was needed.

First there was the end of term and lots of gifts to make for all Flopsy Bunny's teachers - phew there were a lot!!  When I first saw a post for peppermint bark on Soule Mama's blog I decided it would be just the thing to make one day and stored it away in the back of my mind.  This end of year, was the year and boy was it wonderful.  Really easy to make and sooo effective and soooooooo yummy!!  It is definately something I will be making again  (maybe just for me though . . . .!).  I used Little Cotton Rabbits version and the delicious Green and Blacks chocolate.  I really should have put more peppermint candy sticks on and will be looking out for those between now and Christmas!
Then we had a glorious week of just me and the kids, no plans, no meeting up with anyone, just getting into the holiday groove and their first request was to make a den in the woods! 

It was at this point, right at the beginning of the holiday that Flopsy Bunny had a little accident with a cup of tea and my laptop - needless to say all was NOT that calm that day in our house . . . thankfully a little spill and only a new keyboard was needed, but it did really put me out of action . . .

Then we were off to the lovely Italy - to fall in love with all it's beauty once again.


Our lovely holiday house

 Scrumptious food

Now I'm back, re-charged and fully rested!!!  Now where did I put my knitting needles . . .