Thursday, 6 February 2014


Ah I can't quite believe it is February already.  Christmas has flown by and started to become a distant memory.  January similarly zipped by and now in February I have emerged!!  A very belated Happy New Year to you all!!!

Carrying on from last year I've decided to have a word-of-the-year.  I have to say I had completely forgotten what my word was last year and was surprised to see I'd put Action!  I was quite pleased with it as a word but it did make me wonder how much Action I had done!!  A lot had got done last year, a lot of renovations but not much craft and not much blogging (sorry!).  So this year my word is Finishing!  This has to be the year of finishing things.  I have a very big project that I just have to get finished this year.  We are finishing off our house renovations - yes we are going to decorate our bedroom - hooray!!  But also I have to finish all the projects that I've bought material or wool for and not made - tsk, tsk!!!

So the first finished item of the year are some curtains for the front door.  I've never made curtains before, always felt a bit daunted by the huge amount of fabric and having to cut it and then worrying I might make a mistake and ruin the whole thing.  So this roll of fabric sat propped up on the wall next to the door it was intended for but that was as far as it got.  I wanted to get it done for Christmas and then the cold drafts started to nip my ankles as I walked past and I thought I just HAVE to do it!  So I dug out my faithful Readers Digest Sewing Manual and set to it - I mean how hard can it be?!

As it turns out - not that difficult!  The measuring and cutting was a pain but I did it and they are up and I have to say I am very pleased with the finished effect.

Especially as they go so well with my linen cupboard!  So on to the next project a bench cushion.  Yes I have the fabric, foam padding, piping, buttons and thread . . . Ok I've had them for quite some time now I just have to FINISH it!!