Monday, 21 March 2011

Finishing off

I've been having a bit of a finishing off weekend.  Here is my second attempt at my circle corsage - which I'm much happier with - well it looks more like I was hoping it would!  I also felted the hearts, but rather wished I hadn't now - they are drying on the radiator so will provide photos later this week . . .!  But they have come out a bit less heart shaped but quite cute so it might not be all bad!  

There has been some glorious weather here for the last couple of days and Flopsy Bunny and I managed to get out into the garden for a spot of gardening.  Two rows of garlic have now been planted and watered - by Flopsy Bunny and her brand new shiny pink watering can!  We are now waiting with baited breath to see what emerges from the soil.  It's been gorgeous again today and Little Roo and I have been dancing around singing 'Hey, Hey, Hey, it's a beautiful day', that's all the words I can remember - and in all likelihood have been modified by me.  Anyway, it's been fun and these beauties have been making us all cheerful and spring like.

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