Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Spooky biscuits

A day early, but preparations under way for a spooky Wednesday.  I quite like this 'before' look on the baking tray- a bit of a night scene, including a full moon!!

Although the biscuits looked even more spooky after they had been decorated by the kids.  The eyes didn't come out quite as expected as Little Roo decided to add the chocolate drops to the icing sugar mix - but maybe they do have more of an eerry quality to them.
Here's to a Happy Halloween everywhere!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

On my wall

I've been having a little bit of a sort out and tidy up, an Autumn Clean, rather than a Spring one!!  It has sparked some sadness in the house, particularly for DH as I've been collecting all our baby items together to sell and we've been wistfully looking at each other thinking - an end of an era!  Where have my babies gone I've been asking and my practical Little Roo pointed to the wall with the height chart pencilled on and said 'we've got bigger!'

It's not just been wall's that have had the treatment - but window sill's too!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Clothes

There's no denying it, it is well and truely autumn.  This week I could resist it no longer and packed all my summer clothes away, rather wistfully I might add as I felt I had hardly worn them this year.  I then said hello again to all my winter clothes and decided that my wardrobe needed a good clear out. Everything came out, summer clothes were put away or sent to the charity shop and winter clothes were arranged by type and hung on my nicest hangers.  It was a really enjoyable process and something I don't do every often but it made me realise what clothes I had, which items went with which and what gaps I had.  I decided I needed some trousers and skirts and then remembered some fabric hidden away for what feels like years for just such items.  So I dug around in my fabric/craft stash and came up with this pile of loveliness. 
The top fabric is some shorts I had made for myself about 20 years ago which I had kept to refashion into something for Flopsy Bunny, a skirt perhaps or maybe even some more shorts!  The second fabric, the one I'm most excited about is for a skirt for me - that might come top of my to do list!  Then the bottom fabric came in a bag, with a pattern, cotton and zip - all ready - why has it taken five years to get this far???!!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

C is for . . .

. . . cucumber!!  Our very own, home-grown (you can tell by the knobbly bits!) cucumber and it is sooo sweet and soooo delicious - its definately on my list of things to grow next year.

I've been thinking about my veggie growing this year and had been quite depressed by slugs eating my courgette plants, deer eating my beetroot and beans, tomato blight etc etc.  Then I realised I had been focusing on all the negatives and thinking that I hadn't done very well at all but completely forgetting all the truimphs, my lettuces that just kept growing, the one sugar snap pea plant that produced so many peas!  My bean plants who managed to keep going even though all the lower leaves had been eaten and produce lots of green beans.  My lone courgette plant who valiantly produced courgette's non-stop and is still going.  My one rocket plant which gave us some lovely peppery bursts.  I need to be thankful for these small successes, learn from my mistakes and who knows what will happen next year!