Monday, 29 November 2010

Stars, Stars . . . Ooo and some Hearts

So here are the last of the things that I made for the shopping night.  Little decorations for the tree or bedroom.  The surprise of the night were the little felt and gingham egg cosies I made, pink, blue and red!  Sold like hot cakes, but because I made them last minute and sold them all there were none left to photograph!!  Lots of people around these parts keep chickens so I guess that has a lot to answer for!

So now I am starting to feel a little Christmassy and only a tiny bit anxious at the tasks I have set myself to make for presents this year - Ooo and very excited to be trying out some home created wrapping paper.  Watch this space!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

More goodies . . .

I have been meaning to make this door stop for, oh ages, well since the last one I made was swiped by a visiting two year old who took a liking to it and thought it was a handbag and popped it into her parents case without their knowing . . . very crafty.  Anyway, it seemed to be going to a good home so I thought I would make another to replace it.  Cut to 3 years later - wayhey I've done it!  I did make it to sell but quite secretly pleased it didn't as I have it now!  Although I have fabric cut out to make more . . .!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Bunting, Bunting and more Bunting . . .

Phew, what a month it's been - non stop sewing to make things to sell at our little village Christmas Shopping night.  A friend of mine has just launched a business selling very cute crocheted items and I said I would share a stall with her, to give her moral support!  So that is why it's been a bit quiet around here in blogland as I've been beavering away and my poor machine is feeling very tired at the moment!

So here we have lots of bunting.  I'm especially pleased with my butterflies . . .!


Then I thought, there just isn't enough lovely boy bunting around these days and so got a bit carried away . . .

I'll let you see some more of my other goodies soon!

Friday, 19 November 2010

A craft table has been set up . . .

It has been a bit quiet recently on the blogging front, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on at home!  Well with my deadline looming it's been all systems go.  Bunting has been made, little felt stars and hearts are being whipped up hourly and smoke is definitely coming out of my machine.  There is still more to do but last weekend Flopsy Bunny decided she was going to get in on the act.  She decided that she wanted to make some bunting for her bedroom so she selected some material and I helped her make some bunting - the thing about Flopsy Bunny's crafting is that there is an awful lot of directing from her and an awful lot of doing from me!!  So as you can imagine I didn't get much of my things done but she did 'make' some cute bunting which she is very pleased with and then decided she needed a craft area all of her own.  So she found a chair, a table, a box for all her material and a pair of scissors - 'I've put my table here mummy so we can both share the bin'!.  'I've got lots of ideas', she said, 'in my head'!  Love it!  I guess it was always going to turn out like this with me as her mum!!!

Anyway, must dash - more crafting to do - I'll get round to taking some photo's soon before next Thursday comes round . . . eek!!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To a lovely sister . . . who rescues things . . .

I'm a hoarder - always have been and I fear always will be.  Even as a child I kept tickets from places we had been, badges, shells, in fact anything that delighted my magpie eyes.  But then I have moments, usually when I start to run out of places to store all my treasures, or if I lose something (or more likely forgotten where I had put something) and then I will have a big clear out.  I am ruthless in those moments.  I blame it on being born on the cusp and the winter solstice - I was never going to be a straight forward kind of girl! So imagine my delight and surprise when visiting my sister at the weekend when she bought out these Russian dolls for my little ones to play with.  'I rescued these' she said 'when you threw them out'.  Oh yes, I remember throwing them out and also how recently I had started thinking that I wish I hadn't!  'I've been regretting throwing them out' I tell her and then she gave them back to me!  Little Roo just loves playing with them in fact that is all he has played with since Saturday and I just love my sister for rescuing things that really I should keep even when I'm in the throws of a great big clear out!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Spooky Craftiness

 It's been all go here this Halloween.  Pumpkin carved...
... Banners made - although I managed to put the holes too low down and all my pumpkins ended up upside down!  I got the pumpkin banner template from the talented Cupcakes for Clara last year - you can find it here.  She's got lots of other lovely spooky crafty ideas too!
Then Flopsy Bunny really got into the swing of it and made Pumpkin faces and a ghostly puppet to frighten passers by!  Hoping you all had a fun filled time this Halloween.