Monday, 26 March 2012

In the garden

There seems to be a mass of bright yellow everywhere.

Forgotten about plants and bulbs are starting to push their way out to make themselves known.

Seeds have been planted and now we just to wait in anticipation for yummy things to eat in the summer.
Rhubarb is eagerly awaiting, thoughts of crumbles and pies are tumbling around in my mind.

Ah and then there's the lovely sunny weather we have been having.  Life becomes transformed with a bit of a sunny day and a bright blue sky.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Quiet time

It has been a bit quiet round these parts recently I've noticed.  Which doesn't really reflect what has been going on in our lives.  There has definately been some craftiness (there is always some craftiness going on!), there has also been some gardening, tidying up and cutting back and thinking about spring.  It seems that I am having a quiet moment, a reflective moment, opening myself up to the new season, longing for some sun, some clear blue sky days and rejoicing that I finally have some washing on the line!  I have also been buying some supplies, so watch out - new little Easter treats coming this way soon!

On a different note, this lovely little posy of flowers was my mothers day gift from Flopsy Bunny along with a gorgeous hand made card and an early morning wake up call because she was just 'too excited'!!  I hope all you mothers out there were equally spoilt last Sunday.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Off my needles and on!

I didn't realise how desperately in need of knitwear I was until, while knitting the final sleeve, I was seriously contemplating if I could wear this cardigan while knitting (for those of you who might be interested - I didn't in the end as I thought it would be just too tricky and take longer!!!).  But what I did do as soon as it was finished is pop it on, even before I blocked it, although it would need very little blocking.

So to the pattern.  This is a great pattern.  My second top down cardigan and I think this is the way forward for me - no endless sewing up, you can try it on while you are knitting and it is just so clever too!  I was a bit disappointed in my wool, I really liked the turquoisey bit but then these big bands of sludgy blue kept appearing which I didn't like too much - oh well not bad for a sale bargain!  The pattern came from here - thank you very much  Meghan!  But I did make some modifications as per some lovely Ravelry people and they can be found on my Ravelry page here.  Obviously the biggest modification was that I added some sleeves!!

Despite my reservations about the wool, it is very soft and warm and with my lack of knitwear I think it is going to be more worn than not at the moment!  I think I might also make the orginal version of the pattern too for the spring as it was such a quick knit - and will be even quicker without the sleeves!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bunny time

It must be Spring and Easter coming up as my thoughts are turning to Bunny's again!!  If you have been reading my blog for some time you will know that I am quietly obsessed with bunnies - it's a genetic thing, as you can see from my own Flopsy Bunny above with her beloved rabbit (gosh she looks so young there - where did those days go . . .?).  Bunny posts crop up and multiply like, well rabbits around this time of the year, here's one, oh here's another, here's one and yes another one too!

So imagine my delight at finding these two gorgeous treats.  Snapdragon's garden has made what has to be the most cute and adorable bunny egg cosy and Flopsy Bunny will definately being getting one of those this Easter.  Then I saw over at The Purl Bee some very cute Bunny Finger Puppets, which I am already seeing as an Easter Craft Project in our house!

[Sigh] bunnies, bunnies everywhere - that's what makes a girl around here happy!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Birdy Garland

All the way back in December I showed you these, and at the time I did get round to making all the birds and their leaves and I had pinned them onto the ribbon.  Then they sat around for - well two months . . . until the 'extra day' when I thought I need this to be a day for finishing off too.  So as I already had the sewing machine out to make 'the pea', I quickly sewed the birds and leaves to their ribbon and you know what it hardly took any time at all, which made me think why did it take so long to finish off?!  Anyway, I am just loving my little birdies and am looking forward to making another strip for the other window. 

The pattern and idea came from my new favourite person, Clare Youngs and her book Scandinavian Needlecraft which is just wonderful, so many gorgeous ideas and projects to make.  I borrowed the book from my mum, it was a present from my sister so I couldn't borrow it that long but I will definately being adding it to my library.  The birds were so simple to make and so effective too don't you think?!  Just what we need as Spring is on its way. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

World Book Day

Poor Flopsy Bunny has been unwell this week, but she did manage to rally a little on Tuesday and decided that as Princess and the Pea hadn't been made into a movie yet (Disney are you listening!), she would make her own version.  So we worked out that we would need characters and scenery, although the scenery had to be forgotten as it had taken all day making the characters.  We finally came to the filming part which I did try to upload here - anyway, a very cute re-adaptation of the Princess and the Pea by Flopsy Bunny.  She is now worrying about marketing and how we are going to burn the DVD and sell it in the shops!!!  Hmmm . . . I have a feeling she will go far!

Of course there was really only one choice of character for World Book Day today - can you guess by the over-sized green pea?, whipped up yesterday on my frantic get things done day!!