Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bunny Party

Out of the blue last week, Flopsy Bunny announced "lets have a bunny party mummy!" I'm not sure what she had in mind exactly, although it is bound to involve chocolate, biscuits and cake ... and more chocolate, biscuits and cake!

Anyway with Easter just round the corner, I thought some Easter decorations were in order. Luckily, just in time, Little Cotton Rabbits came up with a gorgeous pattern for a Bunny Egg Cosy. A great hit with Flopsy Bunny, who as you know just loves bunnies and is also quite partial to the odd boiled egg! It was so easy to make, that I'm hoping to make one for Little Roo - luckily as he is not on solids yet there isn't a great rush to do the second one; and I have also astounded myself in being able to complete this bit of knitting! I'm wondering if I have time to make some of Little Cotton Rabbits Easter Eggs or maybe that's a step too far!


  1. Love the eggy-peg cosy! Can't wait to see lil' Bro's

  2. Hmm, might be a while before the next one! Although they are quick to make and very cute.

  3. Thought I'd pop in and say Hi, I was looking through all the bunnies on Ravelry and spotted your Blog.... I would love to have deer in my garden you are very lucky...
    Lisa x

  4. Thanks for stopping by! The deer are wonderful, it feels very special to see them - just a shame they love our plants so much!