Monday, 5 March 2012

Birdy Garland

All the way back in December I showed you these, and at the time I did get round to making all the birds and their leaves and I had pinned them onto the ribbon.  Then they sat around for - well two months . . . until the 'extra day' when I thought I need this to be a day for finishing off too.  So as I already had the sewing machine out to make 'the pea', I quickly sewed the birds and leaves to their ribbon and you know what it hardly took any time at all, which made me think why did it take so long to finish off?!  Anyway, I am just loving my little birdies and am looking forward to making another strip for the other window. 

The pattern and idea came from my new favourite person, Clare Youngs and her book Scandinavian Needlecraft which is just wonderful, so many gorgeous ideas and projects to make.  I borrowed the book from my mum, it was a present from my sister so I couldn't borrow it that long but I will definately being adding it to my library.  The birds were so simple to make and so effective too don't you think?!  Just what we need as Spring is on its way. 


  1. Really like these....

  2. Thanks - I really like them too - they make me very very happy!! Little things . . .!