Friday, 28 November 2008

Just teasing ....

It's a girl! Sorry still waiting so still don't know if Baby Roo is a girl or boy. I made this heart for a friend's baby who arrived 11 days late - maybe it's something about November babies that makes them want to stay put ... It does mean that I have a bit more time to finish my sister's bag which is coming along well and then I think I might take a rest and think about what I want to make for myself.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

7 Days to go and counting ....

Well it's a week to go, or thereabouts before Little Roo makes his/her appearance into this world and I have decided - probably rashly - to see how many crafty projects I can do in the time left. OK, I know I should be taking things easy and I have done a lot of the really important stuff - like sort out the linen in the airing cupboard (of course that couldn't have waited until after the baby was born), I've also chosen some (gorgeous) fabric to re-upholster a Victorian nursing chair I found in a junk shop and I've sorted out and tried to find homes for all the accumulated clutter that has been building up for a while. I've even made a start on the Christmas shopping.

So now I can relax, sit down with my sewing and knitting and try to rest. I definitely need to get finished the felted bag that I am making for my sister's birthday. It's in the same style as my embrace bag (see photo in my first post) but I've gone for a stripey look (well I wouldn't be Spots and Stripes otherwise!). Looking at the colours that I've chosen they are quite Christmassy too, but then her birthday is two weeks before Christmas. I then thought I would make a little stuffed heart for a friend's new baby and try making some fabric door stops which I was going to add to my Etsy shop. So we will see - hopefully I will get a chance to post to let you know what I've managed to achieve before the baby arrives, otherwise you might not hear from me for a while. But please come back and check when I'm back in action.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bumps, Babies and Balls

Baby Balls
Originally uploaded by ClaireAB2008

The imminent arrival of baby number two - Little Roo (as we have been calling the bump on account of him/her being so bouncy) - has got me thinking (eventually) about baby things. Having a baby in the month before Christmas does make you wonder what presents to buy and we probably wouldn't have got much if it wasn't for Flopsy Bunny. She is very excited about Father Christmas coming and so I will need to make Little Roo a stocking too. Luckily I came across a great idea on Ravelry (I'm so totally addicted to this site!) of knitted balls, if you are interested the pattern is from i like lemons. These balls are really quick to knit and a good stocking filler for little babies. I then got a bit carried away as they are also a good way of using up wool I've got lying about so I've also made a set for a friend's new baby (see above). I've been experimenting with the filing to try and make some tactile sensory balls, by adding cut up plastic bags (crinkly noise) and little bells - although I am a little worried about health and safety on the crinkle ones!

That's all very well I hear you say but haven't you forgotten about the pink slippers you have been promising us? Ahem, well, yes, they are finished but not my finest creation to date. They got a little misshapen in the felting process so don't exactly match, although Flopsy Bunny is quite taken with them, bless her. I think I have decided to stick to felting bags - a much easier enterprise!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Bonfire Weekend

Despite the rain, there has been sparkle this weekend with bonfires and fireworks going off all over the country. I love this time of the year with all it's celebrations - things to look forward to in the dreary winter months. Bonfire night is a wonderful night for wrapping up warm and tramping into a muddy, soggy field with your wellies on. Standing by a huge bonfire, we gaze at the wonderful fireworks as they light up the sky and whoosh and bang above our heads. It is so much part of our culture that I'm sure most people in the UK don't even think about the origins of this night. I didn't really either until, working at an international university, I had to explain to some overseas students what bonfire night was all about. Their puzzled and bemused expressions made me think it is funny how this medieval celebration has continued in our culture all these years. But it's great as it does bring the community together and it is a lovely spectacle.

Also it gave me a chance to knit a bonfire night scarf for Flopsy Bunny, her first scarf, she was very excited by it and it keeps her toasty warm. Unfortunately the pink felted slippers seem to be becoming a bit of a farce. I have unpicked several versions, all of which have not quite worked out. I can only blame my hormonally addled brain ... I've gone back to my original plan of knitting the slippers by Midnattsol and just trying it out and seeing what happens. I was a bit reluctant to do this at first as it meant that I would be wasting some lovely wool if the slippers came out in the wrong size but I am taking a leap and going to see what happens. I'm sure I will be able to find someone who's foot will fit - a bit like looking for Cinderella....!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Change and transformation

This week has been one of change, the clocks went back (well technically that could be considered last week!), we had the first snow of the season (albeit a light smattering) and ordinary pumpkins became scary faces. Flopsy Bunny and I had great fun making our pumpkin face and dressing up for Halloween. Flopsy Bunny decided that she was going to dress up as a witchy ballerina and looked terribly sweet in her pink tutu, witches hat and pink spotty tights.

All of this does seem to herald the beginning of a new season, the nights are drawing in and log fires are now a daily occurrence. So I MUST finish off poor Flopsy Bunny's new slippers. There have been a few developments on the slippers. I was raring to start making ones I had a pattern for until I realised that the wool I intended to use was the wrong ply and so now have taken the brave step of designing my own pattern. I'm quite used to creating new designs but do feel a bit of trepidation over these slippers because of the felting. I have to make them bigger than I need and then hope that they felt to the right dimensions in the washing machine. So far I have made two soles and am now on the sides. It is taking longer than it should because I'm having to make up the pattern as I go along. Anyway, I'm hoping that by my next post they will be finished and there will be a (proud?) photo of these little pink pixie slippers. I am even going to try some needle felting having seen a video of how to do it on Pipp's Purses blog.