Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sparkly red gorgeousness

I've been drawn to knitting recently, maybe it's the shift in the season, I'm not sure but I have quite fancied getting my needles whirring again. Unfortunately, my other knitting project has ground to a bit of a halt. Running out of wool has made me umm and ahh about whether to finish it. Then there's my sister's present from last year - still waiting to be made - before you wonder I have given her something else in the meantime!! So having decided to use another wool for that present means I've got all this sparkly red gorgeousness to use. And yes it is a bit C********y (can't quite bare to type the word so early in the year!) but this pattern sang out to me as a perfect project for it. So predictably I found the pattern for Lace Balls on Ravelry - such a wonderful site and resource - and it made up very quickly and easily. So far I'm really pleased with the finished results but it's still drying and I'm not sure if my stiffening method is going to work as I didn't follow Judy's instruction to use diluted glue - anyway I will let you know how it goes when I pop the balloon!!!

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