Friday, 5 June 2009

Bib O'Love ... well sort of

I stumbled across this bib on Ravelry (yes my favourite site!), it's from Mason-Dixon Knitting. A good way to use up any yarn hanging around. I had bought the green wool originally for the baby kimono as I had an idea of doing stripes or bands of colour but then decided to go for just one colour. So I used the green for the bib and the left over blue to do some stripes at the bottom. The ties are a bit too long but Little Roo is quite a big baby so I'm hoping he will soon fit into it. There has been lots of dribbling recently, with fingers in mouth so I can only guess there's a tooth or two coming through. Also we start weening him tomorrow (eek!) so the bib has been made just in time!

I can now start on my next project which is actually already underway and I'm very excited about it ... more on that later.


  1. Thanks, no it's the rose we have by our front door. They are the old fashioned type with a double centre - gorgeous smell and absolutely lovely to look at! Our peony's are still not out yet ... although I don't think it will be long!

  2. looks like you could do 2 of these , sew them together and you'd have yourself a little bag ?

  3. Yes, I was thinking that it looked more like a bag than a bib when I took the photo! I've probably got enough wool left over so the bib might morph into a bag at some point!