Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bunny Madness

I've gone a bit bunny mad at the moment. I've finally made a bunny nugget - I've been promising myself I'd make one since last Easter and finally it's here! Although it does keep squeaking, as Rebecca said it would, so I've started on a couple more to keep it company. I borrowed KrisKnits idea of adding a weight in the bottom and put four 1p's on top of the stuffing before sewing up the bottom seam. I think my version has a bit of a devilish look about it - so should fit in right at home here!
Then I bought a few more things (OK, bunnies) for the Easter tree.

Then I couldn't resist this little hoppity thing, I bought it for the kids but I think it was for me really . . . If you didn't guess it hops around!! Soooooooooooo cute.