Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Visitors to our Garden

We had some wonderful visitors to our garden last evening, three Roe deer. Much nicer than the Muntjac deer that usually come into the garden to munch all my flowers and seedlings, although disconcertingly these three deer hot- hoofed it straight over to the veggie patch! The veggie patch had been more like a weed patch until the weekend, when miraculously both little ones were asleep at the same time and I managed to weed the whole bed. I then put on some wonderful leaf mulch compost that I have been making since we moved into this house 6 years ago. It's amazing to think that a bin bag of leaves would turn into the most gorgeous compost you could imagine, I hope the vegetables enjoy it!

Well I think this blog has spurred me into action and I have finally finished off the booties for Little Roo - and they fit! Horray! Little Roo was crying last night as I was nearing the end of making his booties so I tried knitting with him on my lap - not a complete success I must admit, although I think he enjoyed it. He kept batting the wool with his fist and then managed to grab hold of it in his vice like grip and that was the end of the knitting! Luckily he fell asleep in my arms and I managed to sew up the booties while he was still asleep - what multi-tasking!! Just off to the shops this afternoon to buy some wool - very excited!


  1. Aww - knitting and snuggling with the babydoll - two great things that are even better together! I stumbled over here from Ravelry - gardengirl611

  2. Yes it was great while it lasted, and I'm impressed I actually managed it! Good to hear from you, I will come and say hello at Ravelry!