Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tutu for a budding ballerina

Flopsy Bunny had a little birthday last week - 7 years old - I still can't believe it.
My gorgeous, clever, funny girl has a number of tutu's but when I saw  Rachael Rabbit's Tutu Tutorial I knew I had to have a go at making one (in fact I made two!!)
So easy and so effective.  In fact the most difficult part was cutting the tulle.  The most fun part was tying everything on and getting creative with flowers and ribbons.  Just what was needed after a trip to the ballet to see Sleeping Beauty.  I might just have to make an adult sized one!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Red Nose Day Dolls

Have you noticed that new rather gorgeous button to the left??  Yes it will magically transport you to the Red Nose Day Dolls facebook page where you can catch up on all the amazingly gorgeous goings on.  I mentioned the dolls a little while back and since then lots of crafty bloggers have been making the most amazing items for the four dolls that are to be auctioned for Red Nose Day.  Some of my favourite bloggers have made blankets and dolls clothes, but the creativity hasn't stopped there, miniature pets have been made, toys, books, hats, jewellery, picnic baskets . . . the list goes on and the items are soooo well made and beautiful that there will be four very lucky bidders who will win one of these dolls.  The mosaic above, is from Silverpebble's blog and shows some of the lovely things that have been made so far.

What has amazed me most is how this project has bought so many creative people together and how it has really inspired people to get involved.

So far I have to say that Salty the Sea Dog is my favourite item.   Pop along to the facebook page and see what your favourite is and spread the word along the way so as many people know about the auction as possible!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Vibrant and Calm

Ah how I love Spring.  These gorgeous flowers have been brightening up my kitchen this last week.  Then a dry weekend - a rare thing indeed - had us all outside.  A dead tree had fallen perilously close to the greenhouse and it needed chopping up and moving.  Then I finally got round to adding manure to our veggie patches and reminded myself what I had planned to grow this year.  DH continued his good work on an ignored bank, which after 10 years has turned into a bit of a thicket.  We have high hopes for this bank, once it has been cleared, terraced and we hope it will turn into a bed for fruit bushes and trees.  Ah Spring, a time for planning and putting plans into actions!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Bat Cat

I had no idea what being a parent would involve before my daughter started school . . .   I think it should have been in the school prospectus or some training manual for new mums, something along the lines of  - "once a term (or twice if you are unlucky) there will be a dressing up day and you will be given a week's notice to come up with a costume, on a particular theme taking into consideration your child's particular vision . . .!"  In the past we've had Underwater Day, Water Day, several book week days, Pirate day - do you get the idea?  So this week we had Superhero Day and Flopsy Bunny wanted to go as Bat Cat!

This is an interpretation . . . for those of you not familiar with Charlie and Lola, Bat Cat is a cat who does heroic deeds, mainly for other cats!
I think Flopsy Bunny rose to the challenge on this one, once she got over her disappointment that the cape and eye mask weren't exactly as she had in mind . . .

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Meet Sandy

Sandy is Poppy's sister.  I feel a bit bad about Poppy because she was never quite right, maybe it was something about her hair or the embroidered face but Flopsy Bunny never really warmed to her and so she was left, abandoned in a corner.  All thoughts of Flopsy Bunny dressing her dolly in the many outfits I was going to make her flew out of the window.  But then I thought I would have another go, see if I could improve my doll making skills.

So after ALOT of internet searching and research (sadly I didn't save my links so I now can't remember where I found the doll with the embroidered heart - whose idea I've borrowed - apologies!) I decided to stick to the orginal doll pattern as I liked her shape and size - also I already had the pattern!  I decided to use an unbleached calico instead of the flannel and to make sure I stuffed her well as the last doll's head lolled a bit!  I found this beautiful site which had a hair tutorial which I used.  Bybido makes the most beautiful dolls and my attempt pales in comparison, but I am much happier with this version of the doll.
It's Flopsy Bunny's birthday next week so I am beavering away and hoping to make some new outfits and possibly some shoes if I am feeling especially brave!

Rag doll's seem to be all the rage at the moment, a couple of the blogs that I follow are collaborating on a red nose day doll and it looks a wonderful project.  Do go and have a look.  Lots of different crafts people are coming together to make something for the three dolls which will be auctioned after red nose day.