Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bunny Obsession

I'm starting to wonder who in our family really has the bunny obsession - is it Flopsy Bunny who has enough bunnies to fill a small burrow ... or is it in fact me . . . ? I caught myself typing "Bunny" into the pattern search on Ravelry the other day and then spent a good half an hour going through all the bunny patterns frantically adding them to my favourites and then at the end wondering if I really needed to make all these cute little bunnies. Of course need doesn't really come into it when talking about knitting or sewing, so maybe I've got a knitting obsession which just happens to be focused on knitting bunnies at the moment! Anyway, here's the latest bunny from Artsy-Fartsy-Mama. It is so easy to knit, in fact it is a square that has been cleverly turned into a bunny with simple stitching. A bit like origami. Really clever and very cute. The only thing I would say was that my bunny was a bit top heavy and keeps falling over so if I were to make this bunny again I would put a weight in it to keep it standing up.

So with Easter over and my promise to myself not to knit anymore bunnies - the bunny nuggets will have to wait until next Easter - I have started on something for Little Roo who has been a bit neglected of late in receiving knitted things. I have a couple of things lined up for him so watch this space!


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with a bunny obsession ;)

  2. Ah, but then there's the handbag obsession, my current wallpaper obsession and I don't want to get started on the chocolate obsession . . .! The receipe you have on your blog for your mug chocolate cake looks yummy - unfortunately I have just got rid of our microwave :(