Saturday, 1 January 2011

The long awaited Xmas present

I was hoping to make this for my sister last Christmas, there was a bit of a theme going on with her presents as I had also bought her this jewellery stand!  But then life got in the way of knitting and it didn't really go as planned and then the wool that I had originally bought didn't really work with the pattern*.  So fast forward a year, I went for the wool recommended in the pattern, Beaded Lace Yarn in American Beauty - which is divine, although a little pricey!  I found the pattern for the Knitted Lace Jewelry Frame on Ravelry - what a great site - and here it is.  It was so easy to make after the initial trial and error of trying to get the sizing right for the frame - but I did and I am sooo very happy with the result.

*But it was wonderful for my knitted Lace Ball!

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