Friday, 13 November 2009

Nellie the elephant

Here's my latest creation - I'm not sure if it is a Nellie but I'm sure s/he will have a name soon - something typically 70's to go with the retro look! The pattern was one of my mum's - free from a copy of Woman and Home from the 1970's. Sadly the instructions have long been lost but it wasn't too tricky to work out how to make him up. I just loved the fabric when I saw it and thought it would be great for an elephant. The flowery one is by Moda - American Jane - Peas and Carrots "Daisy in Red" and the other fabric is "Pez in Red" from the same collection. The fabric has been discontinued but I managed to get hold of some on Etsy - wonderful place . . . The thing I love most about this elephant is that it is rather coy - looking down, hiding behind his ear's rather like his owner Little Roo, who is also a bit coy - and gorgeous too!

I'm busy, busy, busy making things so hopefully I will have more to show you soon. The mauve wool is growing nicely, despite Flopsy Bunny's best intentions - she has a fascination with my knitting which normally involves pulling the needles out and undoing a few rows - needless to say I'm not taking this very well . . . I'm also just about to cut out some material to make a rag doll - I'm very excited about this. Hope you are making some exciting projects too!

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  1. This is really great, love the combination of fabrics. The bit about your knitting getting unravelled made me chuckle