Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love is in the air : Part 2

A couple of cute little hearts waiting to be felted, and maybe a couple more to join them before they jump into the washing machine.  What a great way to use up left over yarn and a really quick and easy pattern too once I had got my head around what I needed to do.  Again, I found the pattern on Ravelry but you can also find it here.  So I learnt two new techniques with this pattern - who'd have thought it with such a little project!!  I had never tried the figure of 8 method of casting on so that you get equal numbers of stitches on two needles and then knit the front and the back at the same time, but I found a really good clear explanation over at Hello Yarn.  The tops of the hearts are finished off using the Kitchener stitch and I found a good explanation of it at Knitty: little of purls of wisdom.  It always amazes me that you can find out anything on the internet!!!

Anyway, with the help of these lovely blogs I managed to make my hearts.  I did realise as I started to write yesterday's and today's posts that I do get a bit carried away with themes sometimes - I had my Bunny Obsession last year - although I have a feeling that is ongoing  - I have a post or two coming up on that theme!  And I'm obviously going through a bit of a heart thing at the moment!  Now what to do with the hearts when they are finished . . . .!

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