Monday, 29 November 2010

Stars, Stars . . . Ooo and some Hearts

So here are the last of the things that I made for the shopping night.  Little decorations for the tree or bedroom.  The surprise of the night were the little felt and gingham egg cosies I made, pink, blue and red!  Sold like hot cakes, but because I made them last minute and sold them all there were none left to photograph!!  Lots of people around these parts keep chickens so I guess that has a lot to answer for!

So now I am starting to feel a little Christmassy and only a tiny bit anxious at the tasks I have set myself to make for presents this year - Ooo and very excited to be trying out some home created wrapping paper.  Watch this space!


  1. These are so perfect :) I love how you combined the patterned material in the middle, I am really surprised they didn't all sell!

  2. Thank you Deebz, really lovely to hear that. Although since the shopping night they have been snapped up so I've only got a couple left!