Monday, 14 February 2011

Love is in the air : Part 1

We've gone all romantic here, well a bit heart obsessed if I'm honest!  These little hearts were such fun to make.  Flopsy Bunny and I had a very sticky time making them last week.  I found the idea on Ravelry (where else!!) if you are signed up to the site you can find the receipe/pattern here.  But they are just so easy to do, all you need is some wool, heart shaped biscuit cutters and some corn starch glue or I think PVA glue would work just as well!  Flopsy Bunny decided it was a bit too messy, which surprised me as she came home from school with glue in her hair and on her sweatshirt - maybe there can be too much messy play at times!!  She enjoyed cutting the wool and choosing the colours though and left the messy stuff to me.  Which from mine and the kitchen's sake was a result!!!


Anyway hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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