Monday, 13 June 2011

Beady Bunting

The blocking has been done and the bunting is up.  I had such fun working out this pattern, making the flags just the right size to fit above this window.  DH and I have on going conversations about the windows in our kitchen and whether they need curtains/blinds.  I'm of the opinion that yes they do - any excuse for some soft furnishings!!  DH on the other hand thinks that we are not overlooked and should leave them bare.  So I thought if this is how it is going to be then there needs to be some softness around - I've got it - bunting!!!  I found this most gorgeous red wool - Sirdar Snuggly Babybamboo - which is just soooo lovely and the red is just soooo right for my kitchen.   Then inspired by other knitted/crocheted bunting, Attic 24 made some lovely little triangles, then I stumbled across Susie at the Circus on the Ravelry site and she had made the most lovely crocheted bunting and added bells to the end.  I was tempted by the bells, but then I had a quick look through my bead collection which my lovely sister had bought me for a Christmas present this year and found the most gorgeous beads, just the right colour - beads it is then!!


  1. I love this - a cosy take on what's often seen as a summer decoration...

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Knitted bunting also gives the triangle a good structure so that they hang well too!