Thursday, 1 December 2011

On the first day of Christmas . . .

. . . I finished my Cloche Hat

It is certainly getting Christmassy around here and not just here but in Blogland too.  I was reading SarahWoodonline today and loved her idea of an advent posting each day, giving us a lovely online tip - what a treat AND what a good idea!  So much so I've decided to pinch it, well sort of, it's a sort of challenge to myself and a Christmas deadline for all those things I want to make.  Instead of an advent posting I'm going for, wait for it, have you guessed yet?  Yes the 12 days of Christmas - might just be able to make 12 things before Christmas! 

Although hopping over to Soulemama today made me think now here's a woman who will be able to create more than 12 things before Christmas and they will be gorgeous and she has 5 children and one of them is a baby - how she manages to do it all is beyond me.  Anyway she has some absolutely gorgeous fabric in her stash and I'm looking forward to seeing her finished results.  Attic 24 is getting all Christmassy too and I've been inspired to buy the book she has recommended by Clare Youngs.

So enough of my Christmas ramblings and back to the hat.  This was meant to be my New York hat.  DH and I went for a sneaky weekend last weekend without the little ones and it was truely wonderful.  My first time in that amazing city.  Anyway, I had been gearing myself up, getting ready.  All my friends who had been said it would be cold, even if the temperature's not that cold, the wind really is, so I packed my snowboots, winter coat, gloves, scarf and was desperately trying to finish THIS hat.  Alas I ran out of time so the hat didn't get finished in time, which was just as well as it was scorching - in the 20's - I was sweltering!  Luckily the hat is now ready for the cold snap we are having at the moment.

The pattern for the pattern can be downloaded free from Ravelry if you are a member, it's called the Kim Cloche.  Great pattern, although I did modify it slightly as did other Ravelry members and excluded rows 2-5 which seem to give the top a better look.  I also had to use slightly smaller DPN's as I couldn't seem to buy 5mm ones anywhere!  Anyway, it seemed to work!  The hat was finished off by a lovely crocheted broach that a friend made, how I wish I could crochet - maybe one day . . . !

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