Monday, 16 January 2012

A quick knit

I had to do a quick bit of knitting at the weekend as a friend's baby arrived a little early . . .

When I first saw these bootees on Ravelry I just wanted to knit them, but alas my babies were both too big so I had to wait . . .  Luckily a friend obliged me and had her baby last week - whoopee an excuse to knit these gorgeous little shoes!  So cute and really easy to make.  I made one bootee in one evening so easily done in a weekend!  The only modification I made to the pattern was to improvise on the long tail cast on, which looked a bit fingers and thumbs for me and too tricky to work out at the time!  Still I managed to cast on and would say I got the same result!  The wool was left over yarn from another project and the buttons came from my button box - I love it when I get to use up some of my leftover yarn!

Ah babies, knitting these almost made me want another one . . . almost!