Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sleepyhead Gown Finished at Last!

Flopsy Bunny's Christmas (whoops!) Dressing Gown is finished at last! Unfortunately the other pocket had to be unpicked to finish off the crocheting round the front edges, but I'm OK with that. I also added a knitted rose to break up the mauvyness of it! I found the knitted rose on Ravelry but you can also find it here - very easy and quick to make and uses very little wool - I have a feeling this rose is going to crop up in lots of places!

The dressing gown came from the wonderful And So to Bed: Hand Knits and Things book by Lucinda Guy. I've already made Otto Owl from the book and there are a few other patterns I want to do too! I must say I was a little bit worried about running out of wool as I thought the gown would be far too big but it's not too bad, I had made the size larger than Flopsy Bunny anyway as I wanted it to last and it doesn't swamp her too much. My crocheting however leaves a lot to be desired. I managed to find some diagrams on the web to help me work out how to do double crochet but it's not very neat - don't look too closely!! Just confirms to me that I ought to stick to knitting. Well there it is and here is a reluctant girly in her gown who didn't want her photo taken unless she could take one of me!

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