Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Life goes on ...

So I'm still waiting for Little Roo to make an appearance. This baby is obviously not going to be rushed and wants to make a grand entrance to much cheering and whooping. After the first few days of feeling annoyed that things were not happening, I have now become quite calm about the whole thing and resigned to the fact that I have no control over when this baby will come.

Instead I am getting excited about Christmas. Flopsy Bunny has been opening doors on her advent calendar and dancing to Jingle Bells on our Christmas CD. I am in full swing making chutney to put in our family Christmas Hamper. I always like to make up a batch of jam, relishes and biscuits to give to family at Christmas. Not least because it helps with any glut of produce we have. This year we were given a whole lot of cooking apples which have been made into Spiced Apple Jelly and I've just finished some Pumpkin Chutney. I've recently found a great blog - Gerwerken, which has lots of lovely tips for a green and budget conscious Christmas. Ideas include receipes for making candles and soap as well as other crafty ideas - well worth a look if you want some inspiration.

I've also been busy knitting and have made Flopsy Bunny's doll a hat and scarf for Christmas - another stocking present which uses up left over wool! I was really pleased with the hat which I think has come out well. I had several attempts at getting the shape and size right. I've also finished my sister's bag - whey hey! Slightly disappointed that the light green wool dyed a little darker in the felting process but still love the shape and the way the colours blend together. Fingers crossed she'll love it too - although I must remember that it's me who has the bag obsession not her!

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