Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Tree?!

I love festivals and holidays - Christmas must be my all time favourite but Easter, Halloween and Bonfire Night are special times too. All good occasions to decorate the house and do something different. Since the little ones have arrived I have more of an excuse to allow my inner child to run wild! So this brings us to Easter, for the last couple of years I have started doing an Easter Tree - for want of a better name for it, but my Darling Husband (DH) has been very disparaging about it. "You'll confuse Flopsy Bunny" he says - which I have done, she keeps talking about the Christmas Bunny who will be delivering eggs and that we don't need an Easter Tree because she and Daddy already got one at Christmas. Anyway, I have put these minor problems aside and gone ahead with the tree and I love it! It's surrounded by all the things Flopsy Bunny has been making and a few Easter relevant toys.

I've also managed to make one of those darling little Easter Eggs from Little Cotton Rabbits. Very quick and easy to make and I intend to make more when I've got some more wool. For now one is enough! The fact that I've been able to finish a few projects makes me realise now things have settled down. We are past the three month stage and life is losing a little of its chaotic feel.



  1. I'd never thought of using Forsythia , good idea - lovely tree
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks - and great to know what the plant is - I wondered about finding out before doing this post! The only problem with it is that the flowers do die quite quickly so you need to replace them if you want it to last any length of time. I'm hoping it will last until Monday at least!

  3. I really like the concept! Although the tree could do with far more chocolate eggy pegs?

  4. Wonderful idea - I'm sure Flopsy Bunny would agree with you!