Monday, 19 April 2010

Blank Canvas

So since my last post I've been wondering about my general anxiety about planting up this new flowerbed. It's like my love of notebooks. I love notebooks. I buy notebooks with particular projects and ideas in mind. Then I become a bit overawed by how lovely they are just as a blank canvas - a blank page, full of potential, perfect and then I think I can't write in them as my handwriting wouldn't be neat enough or I would make a mistake and it wouldn't be this lovely notebook, with lovely handwriting and lovely ideas and written words (this is always my dream!). So my flowerbed is the same, it's a blank canvas, full of potential to become a gorgeous and colourful border but in the process of creating this, my plants might not go together or I won't get the look I am after. I guess it is all about having these creative thoughts and ideas and then creating them! The good thing is that unlike a notebook I can always move things around, dig them up or start again.

Anyway I've planted two plants today - yippee!! I am throwing caution to the wind . . .!

By the way you might have noticed a new button on my blog. A very lovely reader who follows my blog has nominated my blog for the Dorset Cereal little blog awards. I'm very touched. If you would like to vote for me you can click on the button and it will whizz you there!

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