Monday, 28 June 2010

Little discoveries

This weekend has been one of little discoveries. This flowering shrub is one of them. Our garden is a bit wild and so there is always something new to discover in it. I don't think I've noticed this shrub before or if I have I haven't taken much notice of it. But despite my lack of interest, it has grown and thrust itself forwards and upwards towards the light and the rest of the garden and now it is growing up our sumach tree. I discovered it when we were trying to find the right place to hang our hammock and I was overcome by this plants wonderful scent - it is heavenly. I have no idea what the shrub is but it's made our hammock place idyllic!Here is my other discovery - lots of frogs! This one hopped into shot when I was photographing my lovely shrub and then when I was picking up leaves by the sandpit I spotted two baby frogs. Terribly sweet - although I am a little worried how there came to be frogs by the sandpit when there is no water there for the tadpoles to swim in - oh well . . .!

Apparently the shrub is 'Mock Orange'

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