Thursday, 16 August 2012

A quick catch up

It feels like I've not been here for ages and looking at the date of the last post - it's true!!  So I thought a little catch up was needed.

First there was the end of term and lots of gifts to make for all Flopsy Bunny's teachers - phew there were a lot!!  When I first saw a post for peppermint bark on Soule Mama's blog I decided it would be just the thing to make one day and stored it away in the back of my mind.  This end of year, was the year and boy was it wonderful.  Really easy to make and sooo effective and soooooooo yummy!!  It is definately something I will be making again  (maybe just for me though . . . .!).  I used Little Cotton Rabbits version and the delicious Green and Blacks chocolate.  I really should have put more peppermint candy sticks on and will be looking out for those between now and Christmas!
Then we had a glorious week of just me and the kids, no plans, no meeting up with anyone, just getting into the holiday groove and their first request was to make a den in the woods! 

It was at this point, right at the beginning of the holiday that Flopsy Bunny had a little accident with a cup of tea and my laptop - needless to say all was NOT that calm that day in our house . . . thankfully a little spill and only a new keyboard was needed, but it did really put me out of action . . .

Then we were off to the lovely Italy - to fall in love with all it's beauty once again.


Our lovely holiday house

 Scrumptious food

Now I'm back, re-charged and fully rested!!!  Now where did I put my knitting needles . . .


  1. Wow flower...... All looks fab!!!!! Take care and happy summer xxxxxxxx

  2. This is an awesome post, just wondering where my slice of the peppermint bark was?!

  3. Thank you Kate - happy summer to you too! Deebz, your slice, hmmmmm . . . well lets just say it fell into the tasting pile!