Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Glut and blight

Oh the highs and lows of one weekend.  I had a wonderful time with the kids picking all these beans and we seem to have courgettes coming out of our ears at the moment - at last a glut or something resembling one at least!  My shopping basket is now quite empty as we have all this glorious veg to eat at home.  The favourite courgette recipe's of the moment are 'courgette dollops' for the kids - which we've now managed to introduce to other families too (!) and 'courgette and lemon risotto' - lovely and yummy - that's my favourite - although I wouldn't say no to a dollop either!
Then we discovered, or rather had confirmation that all our amazing tomato plants had succumbed to potato blight.  I was so upset as I quickly picked all the green tomatoes and realised we would have had a bumper crop.  Sadly the only thing for it was to make green tomato chutney and quick.  So yesterday evening I chopped 6lb of green tomatoes, 3lb of apple and 3lb of onion (which certainly had me in tears by the end!) - it was a bit touch and go as to whether I had a big enough bowl to put them all in!  But I did and the chutney is made and bottled up - 15 jars in all - watch out family and friends - there's chutney coming your way this Christmas!!
Grandpa on the other hand has been growing prize winning beetroots and had one very happy helper to pull them all up.

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