Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Starting Spring inside

Normally I love a bit of snow.  I'm usually the first one to get all excited by the first flake or flurry, searching out hats and gloves, getting ready for sledging or snowball fun.  But really, snow at the end of March?  I have to admit this weather has floored me.  I am craving a little bit of warmth, some sun, a few flowers, not much to ask now that we have supposedly gone past the first day of Spring.

I decided that if Spring was not ready to happen outside I was going to make sure it happened inside!

Lots of sunny yellow, ah gorgeous!
Of course as soon as you venture outside for even the briefest of moments you are confronted by the chilly reality (although I have to say that it could be a lot worse and that people living in the North have huge quantities of snow to deal with).  These icicles have formed from a puddle on the road which cars have splashed up onto the hedge and the water has frozen - quite a sight!
Please, please, please Spring, show yourself! 

PS did you spot that rather lovely new addition to our house?  A recent purchase and part of the big 'renovation project' happening this year - or rather it's the 'we've been living here 10 years now and must really get on with decorating the house!'.  All good fun, which means that I have to reorganise the whole house - hmmm.  Well one step at a time.  The coats now live in the cupboard under the stairs and I'm looking out for a large mirror to go on the hall wall.  As you can see I'm focusing on the purchasing rather than the reorganisation . . .!

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