Thursday, 20 June 2013

A new bathroom

A new wall - yes no more open-plan bathing in our house!

Unfortunately, a boarded up window, the wood was too rotten to save and we are going to need a new window.  This will be very exciting when it happens, it's just a bit odd having no natural light in the bathroom at the moment!
It's all looking very clean and sparkly though . . .!

. . . and I'm aiming to keep it that way.  I have become quite obsessive in my cleaning, but hopefully after the novelty wears off so will my level of cleaning.  I have also spent some time examining the cleaning products in our local supermarket and came across this amazing cloth.  If you haven't heard of the e-cloth before it is a miracle worker!  All you need to do is spray on a bit of water and rub and all the water marks, smears and soap disappears for a wonderful finish - it works on the chrome too.
There still needs some prettifying to be done, hooks to be hung, a glass shelf to be reinstated but I am enjoying the clutter free look at the moment!

But this new bathroom has been such a joy so far.  A walk-in shower cabinet feels like a luxury and ooddles of hot water too, so there will be no more banging on the bathroom door with shouts of 'don't use all the hot water', when I get lost in the moment, enjoying a good soak!


  1. Looking lovely Claire - hope you get lots of time to enjoy it!

  2. Oh yes I have - thank you! It makes me very happy indeed :)

  3. Gorgeous. I'll be heading straight up to your facilities next time we're over!