Monday, 21 October 2013

Whatever happened to September . . . ?

Well to start with, there was a lot of this . . .
Which did seem to take ages, but I guess decorating a bedroom, hall, landing and stairs does take time, especially in an old house when you never really know what you are going to find when you take off the wallpaper!

But luckily by the end of the month, it was beginning to look like this (more photo's of Flopsy Bunny's room when it is completely finished - DH and I v. tempted to move in as our room is now the ONLY room in the house not to have had a facelift!!)

 There were just a few finishing touches to be added.
 And after 4 months we finally got our new window for the bathroom, which is so great and I am so very pleased with it.  Our window people did an absolutely fabulous job of making us a completely new window and from the outside you can hardly tell the difference between the old windows and the new one, it was complete with steel frames and leaded glass!
 Gone is the manky old curtain which used to hide the electric meter and fuse box, they are now beautifully housed in these cupboards/bookshelves.
 Finally and for me (almost) the best part of the renovations we have done so far is getting some new carpet!  When we moved in 11 years ago we decided that the carpet had to go.  It was shabby then, a bit of nylon on floorboards with the underlay long since worn away, so 11 years on . . .

The house feels transformed now, so light and airy that I keep wanting to turn lights off that aren't even on!!  Also wonderful under foot too.  We found Little Roo lying on the carpet the morning after it had been laid and I can completely understand why!

I just walk around my house
smiling now!
Of course in the midst of all this chaos, Little Roo decided to add some chaos of his own.  We are now calling him 'Danger Boy' - wherever there is trouble he'll be there!
So I guess all in all this has kept me pretty busy, of course there was also Little Roo starting school and Flopsy Bunny going up to Juniors.  I am just looking forward to half term and hoping it is going to involve me, lying down in a darken room!  Or some bracing Autumnal walks in Normandy!

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  1. Your bathroom window, indeed, looks awesome! It was small but it's just right to brighten up the room. You can even open the upper window, right? Now, that's great for letting in a steady stream of fresh air!

    Elizabeth Hoffnung @ Roof Pro