Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Crafty Sunday

This Sunday, Flopsy Bunny and I had a lovely quiet craft session.  Little Roo had taken himself off to bed for 40 winks and DH had popped out to run some errands.  The girls were left to their respective tasks.  Flopsy Bunny was trying out some decoupage, she was decorating a shoe box which was to become her new doll's wardrobe.  It was great fun and I had to stop myself joining in as it was her project!!  I did help with the tape round the edges and filling in a few of the gaps!

I had the task of creating a fox tail for the Roald Dhal day at school!!  Little Roo was going to go as the Fantastic Mr Fox, mainly as we had bought a foxes mask last year which meant it was an easy decision.  I just bought him some foxy coloured trousers to wear and a jacket - both of which will get lots of use after.  The fox tail was made out of some fur fabric and polyfil, I put a coat hanger in the middle so that I could shape it upwards a bit.  I added some loops to the top of the tail so that it could be attached to a belt.  I was quite pleased with the result and Little Roo was thrilled with his costume.
Of course while all this crafty foxiness was going on we just had to watch and listen to What Does the Fox Say?, adding a few new lyrics ourselves about foxes tails!!

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