Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Skirt Making

Flopsy Bunny and I watched the Children in Need Sewing Bee program together on Iplayer the other day.  Afterwards Flopsy Bunny announced that she wanted to make a skirt - I love that about her, always very confident in her abilities.  We had a rummage through my material and came across some pink and white tulle which I had bought to make her a tulle tutu some time back.  I had planned on making two, but in the end I just made one for Flopsy Bunny's friend.  The tulle and accessorises were left waiting to be made up.

I decided that despite Flopsy Bunny's enthusiasm I would need to be heavily involved in the making of this skirt.  Flopsy Bunny watched and assisted and it got me thinking about what were the first sewing projects I had done as a child.  I felt like we needed a few basic skills first before heading to the sewing machine to make a skirt!  We've started on some patchwork which I'm hoping will be a good way of starting out on the sewing route.
Do you have any tips for good projects for children to sew? Especially those who want to be fashion designers when they grow up . . . !

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