Monday, 11 May 2009

A Novel Project

My author friend Fiona, or should I say my friend who's a novelist - either sounds good doesn't it?! Anyway, my clever friend Fiona has a new novel out, The Blue Handbag and being a creative type has started a project to interview 100 people who have read the book. It attempts to find out a little about them and a little about what they thought of the book. A bit like a huge international book club meeting! Very exciting. Anyway, the 100 Readers project has started and you can take a look here - 2 interviews have already been done. If you'd like to take part you can get your copy of the The Blue Handbag book at Amazon, or you could just pop over and say hello. It was Fiona who got me into blogging and she has lots of other interesting blogs as well so well worth a look if you are a budding writer or just want to read her pearls of wisdom.

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