Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Very topical at the moment I know, what with the cabinet reshuffle, but we've been having a reshuffle at home too! With Little Roo's arrival the question of who was going to sleep where seemed obvious - Flopsy Bunny would move into the spare room and Little Roo would take her room - easy! Or so we thought. The problem was where to put all the things that were in the spare room and this has orchestrated a ripple that has run through the whole house. There are still some periphery ripples but in the main it's done. Flopsy Bunny is sleeping in her new room with most of her toys. Little Roo is sometimes sleeping in his room but preferring to sleep in our room if he can get away with it! The assorted clutter and stuff has either been thrown out, found new homes or been hidden in the black hole that we call the loft for further deliberation at a later date!

One of the main problems is that I'm a hoarder and I come from a long line of hoarder's. I believe that actually I'm very green as I tend to hold on to things "in case they are useful in the future", maybe I've inherited the make do and mend war mentality of my grandmothers. Although as DH pointed out when he discovered three big bags of bags (not even handbags but paper bags you get from shops or gift bags given to us over the years) that even I couldn't use all those and that they were just taking up space - he had a point. So I've been ruthless. I've also discovered a wonderful blog about spring cleaning your house in 10 days! (my sort out has taken 6 months and is ongoing ... but never mind).

Anyway, one of the causalities of my tidy up were all my magazines - no where to store them, so I have been ripping out pages to stick into a book (when I have the time) which I can look at to give me inspiration. The photo above is a selection of the pages I've pulled out. But I have found some really good articles, wonderful photos and images and lots of recipes for jam so the whole process, in the main has been very useful! The other hit of the mass tidy up is that I've found a new home for all my craft things, everything in one place so I'm very happy about that - just need to get making now that I've got some space to do it in!

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