Wednesday, 22 July 2009


... she's turned you into a princess!

We were late picking up DH from the station last night because Flopsy Bunny was trying to decide which of her 4 tiara's to wear. Picture her now in her tiara, PJ's, crocs, sparkley pink socks and handbag! Oh to be three again and have big decisions such as these to make in your life.

Have a magical princessy day.


  1. I wish that was the only decision I had to make --- oh and can you believe that my library doesn't have that book in !!

  2. What a shame, I had to get my library to order it from another library in the county. Maybe you need to campaign for them to stock it!! There is a pattern for Bella Bunny which is a must for Flopsy Bunny - a bunny who's a ballerina - including tutu! Would be right up your bunny street too I would think!