Sunday, 5 July 2009

Where have all the blackcurrants gone . . . ?

Just back from our holiday to discover two completely bare blackcurrant bushes ... which did have berries (albeit green ones) on them before we left. The beans didn't fare too well either. Slugs, deer and black birds have been having a fine old time while we have been away. Luckily the gooseberry bush was left alone and I picked 3lb of them yesterday! Gooseberry recipes gratefully received!

The garden has taken on a life of it's own while we were away and it's about time to trim back our two bay trees. It always seems such a shame to just compost the bay leaves but I have more than I can use and give lots away too - does anyone have any tips for making use of excess bay leaves?

... now back to that huge pile of washing!

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