Sunday, 28 February 2010

PJ's and chicken ribbon

Flopsy Bunny and I have reached an impasse over these PJ's. She is very definite that the birdies have to be all over the PJ's, whereas I don't think they really go with the look I'm trying to achieve!

Despite this we have had a lovely mother-daughter bonding moment over the sewing machine. My mum picked up the pink flowery fabric and thought they would make some lovely pyjamas for Flopsy Bunny. But when she started to pin the pattern on she realised that there was only enough to make the jacket and not the trousers. I then remembered I had quite a bit of the cream flannel left over from making Poppy Doll. So thought that adding a turn up stripe and some heart's on the knees would tie the jacket and trousers together. I had been talking about this to Flopsy Bunny and she decided to add her creative input and bustled about in my sewing basket where she discovered the chicken ribbon! The chicken ribbon had been bought last Easter to make her Easter Bonnet and she was really taken with it then as she still is now! Having rediscovered the ribbon she is not budging from her position that the birdies have to go everywhere!! I am trying to get round this by promising to make her a top which we can literally cover in chickens - I'm not sure she is going to buy this! Any suggestions to this would be welcome!