Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What happened to February?

I'm not sure how I managed to get to nearly the end of this month without posting anything, but it does seem to be the case! It has been a bit party central here, with DH's birthday at the end of January and then a big wedding in Scotland and Flopsy Bunny's birthday yesterday it seems that there has been lots of organising and shopping and very little time for anything else!

Flopsy Bunny turned 4 yesterday and it was a very special day as not only did it snow, as it did on the day that she was born; but we also had lots of deer visiting the garden too! Our muncjack deer family came down to the house to have a nibble on green shoots but the most amazing visitor is our roe deer. He is very special to us as I discovered him asleep very close to the house early on the morning after we brought Flopsy Bunny home from the hospital. He is her good omen and I like to think that he is watching over her. So for him to visit on her birthday was a wonderful thing!! Not to be left out Little Roo has a green woodpecker as his good omen! Maybe I have been reading too much Philip Pullman?!

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