Friday, 19 November 2010

A craft table has been set up . . .

It has been a bit quiet recently on the blogging front, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been a whole lot of crafting going on at home!  Well with my deadline looming it's been all systems go.  Bunting has been made, little felt stars and hearts are being whipped up hourly and smoke is definitely coming out of my machine.  There is still more to do but last weekend Flopsy Bunny decided she was going to get in on the act.  She decided that she wanted to make some bunting for her bedroom so she selected some material and I helped her make some bunting - the thing about Flopsy Bunny's crafting is that there is an awful lot of directing from her and an awful lot of doing from me!!  So as you can imagine I didn't get much of my things done but she did 'make' some cute bunting which she is very pleased with and then decided she needed a craft area all of her own.  So she found a chair, a table, a box for all her material and a pair of scissors - 'I've put my table here mummy so we can both share the bin'!.  'I've got lots of ideas', she said, 'in my head'!  Love it!  I guess it was always going to turn out like this with me as her mum!!!

Anyway, must dash - more crafting to do - I'll get round to taking some photo's soon before next Thursday comes round . . . eek!!!!

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