Tuesday, 9 November 2010

To a lovely sister . . . who rescues things . . .

I'm a hoarder - always have been and I fear always will be.  Even as a child I kept tickets from places we had been, badges, shells, in fact anything that delighted my magpie eyes.  But then I have moments, usually when I start to run out of places to store all my treasures, or if I lose something (or more likely forgotten where I had put something) and then I will have a big clear out.  I am ruthless in those moments.  I blame it on being born on the cusp and the winter solstice - I was never going to be a straight forward kind of girl! So imagine my delight and surprise when visiting my sister at the weekend when she bought out these Russian dolls for my little ones to play with.  'I rescued these' she said 'when you threw them out'.  Oh yes, I remember throwing them out and also how recently I had started thinking that I wish I hadn't!  'I've been regretting throwing them out' I tell her and then she gave them back to me!  Little Roo just loves playing with them in fact that is all he has played with since Saturday and I just love my sister for rescuing things that really I should keep even when I'm in the throws of a great big clear out!

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  1. I'm glad she's a rescuer. She rescued my Hob books, which were my favourite books. Ever! Three cheers for A!