Friday, 17 December 2010

Advent Slippers

I just fell in love with these slippers when I saw them a couple of years back - not a great photo of them I know.  The first year I filled them with little toys and sweets and then last year we didn't get them out - too much going on I think.  But this year I thought we must have them on display and started to think what to put in them.  I didn't really want to fill them with toys and sweets when the little ones will be having so much of that anyway.  So I decided to put a piece from our nativity scene in a slipper each day.  Flopsy Bunny just loves our little nativity scene and has really enjoyed adding a bit everyday, and I just love how she has arranged everything - entirely without prompting - very neatly!!

So a week to go to the big day and I've been doing a bit of totting up of what needs to be done.  Two presents need finishing off and one started (and finished!).  Oh and I was going to print some wrapping paper too - Hmmm I wonder how that is all going to get done with two little ones skipping around the place!  Hope your Christmas preparations are going well :)

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