Monday, 13 December 2010

Dinosaur Cake . . .

. . . every little boy should have one on their birthday!  Wow hasn't time flown.  I can't quite believe I have a two year old now.  Poor little boy we had to cancel his birthday last week as we were all so ill.  But he got his party and he got his cake - which is all he really wanted!  OK so the cake wasn't the masterpiece I had envisioned - but then I only make a cake once a year so what do I expect really?!

Then I thought - hold on a minute if Little Roo is two then this blog is two too!  So I've completely missed my blog anniversary which should have been in October as it turns out!  So just wanted to say thank YOU for reading!  Have a bit of cake on me.

PS I used this template for the cake - so very easy and if your icing abilities are better than mine then very effective too!  The cake was baked by my brother and is yummy- thanks Bro!

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