Friday, 21 January 2011

Getting organised

It's been a bit quiet on this blog recently hasn't it?  I've been trying to get myself organised - and boy does that take a lot of work!!  So I've been sorting and tidying and finding homes for things, a New Year de-clutter so to speak.  I think it will be an ongoing process as I have so much clutter and not much space!  

Anyway there have also been some exciting developments in my little world and I have been asked to run a knitting workshop for beginners.  My head has been rushing and my needles whirring, all very exciting.  

I've also been a bit ruthless and previously knitted garments are being ripped so the wool can be knitted into something else!  This little baby jacket has been one of the victims.  Although I'm hoping to re-knit the wool into some little booties for a soon to be born baby and maybe a little kimono too - we will see.  DH couldn't really understand why I was doing this and now, looking at this photo I'm wondering the same thing too!  I guess it is part of my make do and mend mentality that I have going on for all things crafty.  I have started unpicking a cardigan that I made years ago which I don't think I will ever wear again and thought the yarn is really lovely I could knit another cardigan with it.  But then I happened to be looking in the Rowan's Greatest Knits book and there was my cardigan (top row, second in from the right) - a rowan classic!  I should have kept it, but I've half unpicked it . . . !  Eeek - it's the Russian stacking dolls all over again!

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