Saturday, 19 February 2011

A little bit flitty and flighty

I've been a little bit flitty and flighty on the craft front recently, which is most unlike me.  Usually I like to finish one project before launching into the next - unless I'm not getting on well with a project and then it just gets parked - usually indefinitely!  Anyway, here I have lots of projects on the go, all of which are going well but there are just too many!!!  Which to do?  Things haven't been helped by some deadlines that have come up, a fancy dress party - yes someone might be going as a wizard!  A birthday - ok I've gone a bit mad on that one - more on that later!  Valentine's day - yes that has passed but those hearts do need felting and I've wool for some more and I might add some embellishments . . .  The list goes on.

Luckily every cloud has a silver lining and the cloud came in the form of a very spotty Flopsy Bunny.  Yes I thought she had some inbuilt immunity to chicken pox the number of times she'd been exposed to it and not got it, but somehow, out of nowhere spots appeared and there we were house bound for a week.  Hmmm what to do . . . .!  So the silver lining has meant that I have managed to crack on with all my projects in a rather flitty and flighty way, while administering to the sick and playing with the toddler - who no doubt will be ensuring another house bound week in the near future!

So the birthday, well, that deserves a post all to itself, not least that not much has been made yet and so in my usual style it will have to form part of the I.O.U. birthday present list.  But I did get the above made and I have to say, I'm very pleased with my efforts!  My first try at needle felting.  Now, any guesses as to what I'll be making . . . .?

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