Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Sweetheart knitting

Ah February, love must be in the air as I've been knitting hearts!  This is version #2 of this cushion.  The first version involved a patchwork of knitted squares which I sewed together but somehow the sewing together bit didn't really give the finish I was after.  So a bit of frogging later (luckily this is quite a small cushion so I didn't feel too bad about pulling it apart and starting again!), here I am with version #2.  Slightly bigger than the first attempt as I realised that the smallest cushion pad I could get was 10"x10".  It would be lovely if you could let me know what you think - obviously it hasn't been blocked yet and I haven't done the back! - but I was thinking this might be the pattern I use for my knitting workshop!  Do you think it would be the sort of thing a beginner knitter might like to do?  Please be honest . . .!

I think the glorious sunny weather is having an effect on my creativity.  I really did feel I was hibernating in January and not much was done at all.  But now the sun is out, there is blue sky, birds are singing and I have lots and lots of projects in my head.  Next on the knitting front I am planning to knit myself a hat, I need to get on with this before it warms up too much, otherwise I won't get any wear out of it!  Then there's the wizard outfit . . . well fabric has now been bought and a pattern too.   I was thinking I might design something myself but realised I didn't really have time and there was an absolutely gorgeous one in the pattern books which was just what I had in mind!  So there we go.  Flopsy Bunny has requested some knitted clothes for her various animals so I have a very full to do list.

Hopefully I will have a finished cushion to show you shortly and who knows what else!

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