Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A week of firsts

Our first tomato . . .
Our first carrot . . . 
Our first (proper-sized) courgette and first crop of French Beans.  My thoughts about one day becoming self sufficient may be a long way off!!  We are doing well with the beans though, which is just as well as our courgettes have been a real disappointment - and I had all those receipes ready too!!

A quick look on google - whatever did we do before google?! - showed that the prescribed wisdom is that courgettes don't need to be in a greenhouse - whoops!  I've managed to get as many out as I can but those in grow bags will have to remain.  Then thoughts differ, as to why my courgettes start off well and then go mouldy and brown at the end - a lack of pollination, or too damp, or too humid or some unknown reason.  My mum's courgettes are having a similar problem so maybe it's genetic?!!

Luckily my sweatpeas have been been flowering like troopers.  Not many I grant you, but enough for a small posy on my windowsill all summer and there are no signs of them letting up yet!  

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